Thursday, May 16, 2019

Handwriting As A Means Of People Communicate Essay

Handtheme As A Means Of People Communicate - screen ExampleMost people have ignored the subject of handwriting because it does not seem to be important. However, the author of this reading highlights his observations especially among children and how they value good handwriting. He considers the fact that although print media has taken upshot in the modern world writing remains to be a significant factor. It is also provoke how the author emphasizes the fact that practice makes perfect. This implies that with regular practice, those with poor handwriting can improve their skills. What is surprising most this reading is that the author does not fully explain how grownups can enhance their handwriting. Instead, it concentrates on how polar writing skills can be used artistically. Another problem with this reading is that it focuses entirely on the Chinese people. It would be better if global comparisons across different cultures would be made. When I take a look at this reading, I ask myself whether indeed a persons handwriting could be a objurgation of the individuals personality. This is because the author points out that bodily movement can be a reflectiveness of thoughts. Another question is whether handwritings are translated differently or rather have different meanings in different cultures. I, however, think that the answer to this question is difficult to gauge since handwriting is simply the connection, pressure, size, and spacing of words. These factors have no elements of culture in them.This reading relates to other readings for the course in terms of highlighting different cordial elements and how they stipulate the human nature. For instance, the author of this article uses handwriting as a social element to define human characteristics associated with the element such as personal order. This reading relates to my personal experiences in various ways.

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