Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Marketing is a philosophy that puts the customer at the centre no Essay

Marketing is a ism that puts the customer at the centre no customer, no sales - Essay ExampleIt highlights three key aspects that market accomplishes. First, it recognizes the purpose of business organizations to design products which satisfy customer requirements. Marketing does non just touch on offering any goods and services but business organizations should strive to offer those which offer customer value. Second, it stresses the set about of business organizations to generate profit from its operations. Thus, the definition of CIM involves assessing the marketing strategy which will be mutually dear for customers and companies. Business organizations as this definition implies are profit maximizing entities. Lastly, this definition highlight that marketing is not just about providing the current needs by anticipating the future requirements of the markets. In summary, the CIMs definition of marketing balances the satisfaction of customer and profit maximizing goal of bus iness organizations.This definition creates an image for marketing as something which merely reflects the needs of customers and marketers are tasked merely to identify and respond to these various needs. It recognizes that marketers have a great part in shaping customers needs by offering innovative solutions to their problems. Nonetheless, it is pipe down the customers that determine which among the various products they are bombarded with represent their real need through their demand backed by purchasing power.It is irrefutable that business organizations are now operating on what Kotler (2002) termed as a hypercompetitive environment. This roll is characterized by more intense rivalry between players and higher buyer leverage. Thus, it becomes a great contend for companies to create and deliver product offerings which will satisfy the need of individuals as well as pass efficient strategies in order to capture

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