Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Marriage equality and human rights violations Essay

Marriage equality and gentlemans gentleman rights violations - study ExampleThe discrimination of the same sex spousals is a violation of human rights. President Obama pass judgment the same-sex marriage during the election campaigns which was controversial but helped in the achievement of the goal of re-election. According to the American president, the fruit should be approached using the state to state approach. The advocating for a state approach to the problem would culminate in a national issue and finally lead to the success of the credenza of the same-sex marriage. The impact of the approach would be different based on the legal implications of the problem. (Wolfson 23) The legal implications of the problem included a change in the legal direction of the country in relation to marriage and definition. Marriage equality is defined as same-sex marriage that is legally recognized in the society as the marriage between mature or adult persons. The major question posed by th e proponents of the idea is based on the egis of human rights that is protected fundamentally by the constitution. The bill of rights stipulates the major issues that must be addressed in the surety of human freedom. Based on these freedoms including the freedom of association, it becomes challenging when define marriage equality. Equality in marriage and marriage equality in the contemporary society means two different things today. Equality in marriage is the protection of the rights of individuals in marriage while marriage equality is the struggle to accept the spic-and-span set of marriage partners resulting from homosexual and lesbian dealinghip in the society. In fact, the push for recognition has conduct to serious challenge in the society because of the resistance posed by conservatives (Casey 23). Despite the challenges in defining the term, it is widely accepted culturally to mean the relationship between same-sex partners and their intention to live together as a c ouple. Human rights violation in relation to marriage equality The protection of gay individuals in the society has been an issue of great concern. In fact, it involves the understanding of the bill of rights. However, despite the existence of the bill of rights, the acceptance of the same-sex marriage has been emotive issue and has led to various protests with an aim of seeking recognition. In fact, around the world, gays incur conducted demonstrations seeking to be recognized and be accorded the necessary support compared to heterosexual relations (Olson 68). Consequently, a purpose by the conservative wing of the population believes that banning of the same-sex marriage could solve the already heated debate. However, it whitethorn create a more serious challenge as compared to the current problem. The freedom of association and relations will be affected in the event that the country decides to ban same-sex marriage (Pearson 6). Discrimination is the taking of the rights of th e people by restricting or even denying people the right of association or relationship. The protection of gay rights in the society has been an issue of concern. They have been subjected to trauma and massive legal challenges.

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