Sunday, May 12, 2019

Miranda v. Arizona Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Miranda v. Arizona - Thesis ExampleThough Miranda had not been read his rights, it is believed that his conviction should have remained against him. The enforcement of the schooling of a persons rights was not done until after the case against Miranda. Miranda may have been denied his rights at the time, but this allowed it to be made known that police officers were clearly not doing their job. It brought to light that thither need to be enforcement when reading the rights to criminals to avoid similar situations in the future. As such, Mirandas case should have been upheld, stipulation the fact that there had been circumstantial evidence and his confession, albeit obtained inappropriately, to still convict him (Allen, 2007). The rights are important to the criminal, but there is still the fact that there was enough evidence present to continue the case. Furthermore, Miranda had already admitted his guilt to the crimes that he was being convicted of. If his rights had been read to him when they should have been, and Miranda had exercised his right to an attorney before confessing anything to the police, the case would have gone on in a normal fashion.

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