Sunday, May 26, 2019

Speech–> Sensation and Judgement

Sensation is the conversion of energy from the environment into a prototype of response by the nervous system. It is the registration of information. Judgment is the evaluation of evidence in the making of a decision and it is the interpretation of information. When we talk about bodily cleanliness, what will be come up is the medical benefits which we may be get rid of sick when we have a good natural cleanliness. Actually, cleanliness is divided by all people in the society.While physical cleanliness and moral purity are highly encouraged by religions which they feel that they are purified from their wrongdoing with physical cleansing. Elder Vandenberg There is an alliance between physical cleanliness and spiritual cleanliness. It is suggested that ones moral standing will be changed when there is confusion between moral and physical purity. Here comes to the comparison between our results and the original results took in the University of Toronto.We find out that the scores in the original results all negative go we have some positive scores for instance the issue of homosexuality and obesity. In addition, we have calculated the mediocre score and we find out that the average score of the original results is -1. 56 while ours is -0. 7. Our average score is a bit higher which suggest that the students in hku that we have conducted license a relatively not harsh judgment to those immoral issues. Conclusion Different condition of both physical and mental cleanliness can shift our moral from pendulum to moral harmless which affect moral judgment * Physical cleansing was found to alleviate and restore moral self-condemnation and moral self image as they entangle they are purified * Moral self-perception can license a harsher moral judgment * Clean self links to a virtuous self clean psyche feels dirt-free who is morally untainted * Unclean self links to wicked self Unclean person feels dirty who is morally tolerant

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