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The Mobile Phone Market in China Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

The Mobile Phone Market in chinaware - Essay ExampleAt the similar time, there is a heavy reliance on group affiliation and group membership in mainland China that continues to feed growing consumption consider ratios for unsettled phone products as a meat to stay connected with other Chinese family members and peer acquaintances. There is also a growing demand for mobile services in the business environment for executives and generic employees alike, representing a whole different grocery segment other than just the middle class Chinese buyer. Therefore, there are multiple grocery segments that are available for targeting which will require the creation of an integrated market campaign for business and generic consumer markets. China, however, is a saturated market for mobile phone marketers, with such competition as Nokia, Motorola, Toshiba, Panasonic and other topical anesthetic Chinese manufacturers under partnership with NEC and other Chinese service providers (Myers & Yuan, 2008 Wang, 2005). This must be taken under consideration prior to market entry as unit volumes of competitor mobile phones view as exceeded 134 million in 2008 (Fu, 2007). Subscribership to mobile services of varying variety has reached 480 million in China by 2008, a 20 million unit ontogeny since 2007 (Fu). Thus, in order to be competitive in this market, the business must develop a selling strategy that targets key demographics using a marketing strategy that is differentiated from competition and caters to local market needs. In 2006, Mitsubishi was forced to exit the Chinese mobile market due to a lack of acceptable market presence and failure to adopt marketing strategy to fit the local Chinese consumer (Myers & Yuan, 2008). Toshiba also was forced out of the market in 2006 later on a joint venture with Nanjing Patina Wang Zhi Corporation was unable to meet market demand (Myers & Yuan). These are main(prenominal) factors to consider that have opportunities for ne w market entry and also to illustrate the importance of consumer influence in the Chinese mobile market. Despite the saturated presence of competition, research has identified much significant strength for gross growth in China if the business develops an appropriate integrated strategy that targets multiple purchasing groups. The goal is to maintain an image of local market fluency that fits the psychographic profile of Chinese consumers related to their lifestyle, preferences, and amicable tendencies. This report provides research data on the Chinese consumer, the mobile market, competitive practices, and describes opportunities for short-run and long-run revenue growth in this difficult NIC market with ample consumer market availability. To succeed in China, the business must be flexible, innovative, and also invest considerable capital into promotion and advertising. 2. Background analysis on China The Chinese market currently maintains a 34.5 percent growth in mobile phone u sership, with an increase of 20 million year to year in subscribership to mobile services (Fu, 2007). Growth in mobile phone usage has occurred by new industrial developments, new job opportunities, and also the balance of payments correspondence that exists in China associated with import and export volumes and capital expenditures. The Chinese government maintains a significant deal out surplus with other countries, but is able to offset this through capital outflows into foreign investment (Warren & Keegan, 2009). China has been

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