Monday, May 13, 2019

The reason to choose nursing as a career Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The reason to choose care for as a career - Essay ExampleThe research worker tells that his personal philosophy as a nurse is to provide quality health care especially on a preventive basis. current medical radiation pattern has moved from remediation care to preventive care. Preventive care is cheaper than curative and poses comminuted danger to patients. Preventive care is mainly advisory and leads to a better quality life than curative as the luggage compartment stays wholesome for a long time. The immune system is not trimmed and this means that the person is protected from exposure to diseases that weaken the body and may lead to complications. The advice is to practice healthy standards of living so as to prevent the person from health problems that may lead to complications. innovational practice is moving towards preventive care as it costs less to prolong than curative and it leads to long, quality life. The researchers philosophy is to also give the most affordab le and least invasive care to the patients. Modern medical advances in medicine have offered simple methods of taking care of patients so as to maintain quality lives. The advances have also integrated natural health care systems with medical care to break that people are encouraged to let the bodys immune system work to contend off diseases. This strengthens the immune system and develops immunity that fights off diseases in the case of recurrences. This is important as it helps the body to fight off diseases in future and this is important in improving health.

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