Thursday, May 9, 2019

You are what you eat. American food culture and traditions Around the Essay

You are what you eat. American food culture and traditions rough the word - Essay ExampleThe participants of the contests are the ones who eat the springy dogs in this occasion while opposite people get entertained by the contest.Nathan Hot dog eating contest is a rivalrous eating event held annually on 4th July in America at Nathanss notable Corporation and in other famous restaurants. The significance of this event is to establish the most patriotic citizen. The success of the competition is considered the most patriotic citizen of the year. The first competition was held in 1916 and the event has gained momentum since then by attracting many participants from all over the state (AmericaBooks, LLC, 2010). The media has broadly covered this event, and this has given it a lot of fame crosswise the continent and elsewhere. The ancient meat used in making piquant dogs was beef and pork, but moaner and turkey have been used in the recent time.Oven-roasting hot dogs by preheating the oven to a temperature of four deoxycytidine monophosphate degrees, slicing the hot dogs into halves and put the slices in a roasting pan. The roasting oven containing the hot dogs is then hardened in an oven for fifteen minutes and then serves them on the bun. Grilling involves putting the hot dogs on a hot grill and turning them until they attain the color of your choice before serving them. Microwaving this is prepared by putting the hot dog in a microwave-safe bowl with water and then placing it safely in the microwave for two to three minutes (AmericaBooks, LLC, 2010). After removing the hot dogs from the microwave they are then served in a bun after cooling for about a half a minute. Boiling hot dogs are put in a saucepan with sufficient water and then place the pan on fire and give it time to boil. Deep the hot dogs into the boiling water and reduce the amount of fire. grasp for the hot dogs to boil for three to six minutes, and then serve to eat.Contesters use differe nt methods to eat the hot dogs. There are some who break the hot dog into two pieces and

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