Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Economics of Border Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Economics of Border Security - Essay ExampleAfter the implementation, while President Clinton claimed that an economically stronger Mexico was to the benefit of America, the workers found there were fewer jobs, and that they were paid less.Fears of Globalization In the U.S. certain sectors of industry like the textile industry have been protected, and have got utilise to this protection. It is these industries that fear the impact of globalization.Conclusion NAFTA and the European Union are examples of increasing cooperation between nations. This incr relieved cooperation means that economic issues would cease to be an field of operation of foreboding for border security.The issue of Border security has been a concern for some time in many countries around the world. The threat of cross border terrorist act has created an added dimension to these concerns. Security of the border has economic implications in addition. A component of this concern is the entry of people across the p orous borders. In the case of the U.S., the study concern has been over people crossing the border from Mexico seeking economic benefits. Such movement of people across the northern border with Canada has not been an area of concern. This is because there is less economic disparity between the two nations. For that same reason, few people cross the border illegally from the U.S. into Canada.Prior to the September 11 terrorist attacks, terrorism did not have a major impact on border security. Border security was made an explicit topic in the U.S. in the report from the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks in 2004, and among other things, it was stated that restrictions on crossing US international borders are unlikely to be eased soon and may well be made stricter (The US 9/11 Commission on Border Control, 2004, Para. 1). Findings of the report were also that in the cristal preceding the 9-11 attacks, border security was not seen as a national security issue. The

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