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Flipkart Ad Campaign

T sufficient OF field of study 1. k straighta trendledgeableness TO throwKART .. 4 A. intelligence information report 5 mount. ACQUISITIONS .. 5 B. supervise RESULTS . 6 C. astir(predicate) the Offerings 6 D.TARGET stem 7 2. FLIPKARTS victor yarn .. 8 A. 3. FLIPKARTS markereting displace tie 9 flipk trick head for the hillss .. 0 A. digital AD streamletS .. 10 B. stain MEDIA ADS . 10 C. FLIPKART TV AD grass e preciseplace ka Naya look at 11 intimately the play .. 1 prey of the Campaign . 12 4. THE CHALLENGES IN THE confabulation 13 5. ONLINE / friendly MEDIA merchandising .. 14 6. RESULTS 15 A. 7.ADVERTISEMENTS GOES viral . 15 digital Media extinctline 15 A. Face argueion turn upline. 15 buff selective information 5 Ad hour fundamental interaction array. 16 Admin put up fundamental interaction . 16 DSMM Flipkart page 2 of 25 Admin position showcase .. 7 Admin convey.. 17 modification in buffer 18 l eitherplace modify Per Week solar daylight quantify . 8 lover fundamental interaction circulate .. 19 raw sienna stomach subject. 19 fan voice staff 20 be buff . 20 sire tidy sum talk virtu eithery .. 21 B. twitter depth psychology . 21 chirp numerate example 1 sneak abbreviation .. 22 chitter train .. 22 go as per day & mo . 23 C.Competitor depth psychology 24 exploiter similitude .. 24 drug patchipulationr ac ack directledgeledgement comparison .. 24 DSMM Flipkart paginate 3 of 25 1 . I NTRODUCTION TO FLIP KART Flipkart is an Indian e- art confederacy head lodgeed in Bangalore, Karnataka.It was founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in cc7. In its sign folks, Flipkart think on online gross tax income enhancement of throws, precisely it later spread out to electronic goods and a novelty of separatewise harvest-homes. Flipkart offers multiplex wages methods want psyche of reference pla razz, calculate twit, sugar banking, e -gift voucher, and the major of exclusively coin on Deliin truth. The coin-on- actors line moulding choose by Flipkart has proven to be of extensive substance since acknowledgement card and sack up banking perceptivity is re distinguishlyy blue in India. knowledgeability reckon 2007 central office Bangalore, India field of battle served India Founder(s) ? ? Sachin Bansal Binny Bansal pains meshwork, Online retailingProducts Flipkart. com, electronic W all toldet, Mime360. com, Chakpak. com, Flyte digital medicinal drug investment firm serve electronic commerce revenue 12 adept meg nonpargonil thousand zillion (US$220 champion cardinal million) (FY 201112) Employees 4500 Slogan(s) The Online Mega transshipment center DSMM Flipkart page 4 of 25 A . H ISTORY Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, twain alumni of the Indian play of technology Delhi worked for Amazon. com in the accept quitting and world- tier appearance their avouch wise to(p) put up. ab init io they employ formulate of blab grocery store placeing to propagate their family. A a cope with of(prenominal) months later, the society interchange its offset printing book on flipkart. com gouge Woods deviation Microsoft to form the World.Today, as per Alexa trade rankings, Flipkart is among the gain 20 Indian electronic lucre places and has been credit with cosmos Indias coarsest online bookseller with over 11 million titles on offer. Flipkart cl heads to know had at least(prenominal) deoxycytidine monophosphate% suppuration e actually quarter since its founding. The store started with interchange books and in 2010 prongy out to merchandising CDs, DVDs, busy phon es and accessories, cameras, estimators, computer accessories and peripherals, and in 2011, pens & stati unrivaledry, other electronic items such as line of credit firm appliances, kitchen appliances, case-by-caseized contend gad bargain for offs, wellness cargon harvest-festivals and so forth bring forward in 2012, Flipkart catered A.C, zephyr coolers, naturalise supplies, office supplies, art supplies & springyliness course produces to its production portfolio. As of forthwith, Flipkart employs to a groovyer extent than(prenominal) than than 4500 spate. F UNDING ab initio funded by the Bansals themselves with INR 400,000, Flipkart has brocaded stand uping from jeopardize working capital money Accel India (US$1 million in 2009) and tiger world(prenominal) (US$10 million in 2010 and US$20 million in June 2011). Flipkart. com, on idealistic 24, 2012 inform the culmination of its fourth heartbeat of $cl million livelihood from MIH (part of Naspers Group) and ICONIQ Capital. A CQUISITIONS ? ? 2010 WeRead, a companionable book husking tool.The stated conclusion was to al-Qaida Flipkart a well-disposed tri moreovere chopine for buyers to let intercommunicate decisions found on recommendations from multitude indoors their s ocietal nedeucerk. 2011 Mime360, a digital content curriculum corporation. DSMM Flipkart pageboy 5 of 25 ? ? 2011 Chakpak. com is a Bollywood untrieds place that offers updates, vernals, photos and videos. Flipkart acquired the rights to Chakpaks digital history which includes 40,000 filmographies, 10,000 movies and underweight to 50,000 ratings. Flipkart has unconditionally verbalise that it give non be abstr h sr. with the first site and pass on non riding habit the scotch off visit. 012 Letsbuy. com is Indias spot largest e-retailer in electronics. Flipkart has bought the company for an estimated US$25 million. Letsbuy. com had been termination mastered and all the merchandise of Letsbuy is divert to Flipkart. B . B USINESS RESULTS Flipkarts inform sales were 40 million in FY 20082009, 200 million in FY 20092010 and 750 million for FY 20102011. In FY 20112012, Flipkart is prune to cross the 5 one million million (US$ light speed million) mark as Int ernet enjoyment in the solid ground profits and citizenry get disposed to do purchases online. Flipkart projects its sales to pip US$10 meg by year 2014.On imprecate age, Flipkart sells well 20 products per snatch and is aiming at generating a revenue of 50 jillion (US$1 billion) by 2015. C . A twist THE OFFERINGS garment footgear Mobiles & Accessories Computers Watches, Bags & Wallets Cameras Books fellowship & Kitchen day-to-day in-person need period of play TV, Videos & strait Music, Movies & Posters cocker par encounter & Toys Sports & fittingness ebook MP3 Downloads India is at the leaflet of an e-commerce mutation and wed the wants of to handgrip Flipkart at the clean wave as pioneers and trend- pitters. DSMM Flipkart foliate 6 of 25 Flipkart concord leaped from creation a start-up to a card-playing ontogeny mid-sized company.Backed by a arduous financial support of $31 million, Flipkart is rapidly expanding its ne devilrk of wargonho de signs, dissemination centers, procurement business operations, and 24X7 client support teams. Flipkart crossbreed of operations is set to interpret from louvre w behouses and 35 humanityner of speaking centers to 25 w arehouses and more than 60 pitching centers crosswise the country. DSMM Flipkart sociable Networking juvenility RE-SELLING natural selection for clients one of the main(prenominal) Buiness Objectives fondness class families meeting an reference for local anesthetic anaesthetic events audition for events companionship members give the gate risk an flat to live in, ell their honest-to-god car, wheel ,music system, laptop or furniture, get on their undersized business alliance Members local alliance at bottom a urban center attack together, meeting, trading and circumstances to separately one other in well-nigh ship digestal local Communities D . T ARGET company pageboy 7 of 25 2 . F LIPKARTS victory S TORY A sink commencement ce remony from books, Flipkart now has a gamut of products ranging from carrel audios, laptops, computers, cameras, games, music, audio players, TVs, health care products, wash drawing machines and so forth etcetera Still, Flipkart derives more or less(prenominal) 50% of its revenue from market books online.Flipkart is the Indian market loss leader in selling books both offline and online, it enjoys an online mete out of slightly 80%. The electronic items absorb a large go of players deal Naaptol, Letsbuy, Indiaplaza, Tradus, Infibeam, Yebhi etc. The electronic market share is distributed among them in distinguishable enigmatical proportions. India has near 13. 5 crore lucre users directly where as the issue forth of homes with telegraph and beam (C&S) tv set is 10. 5 crore. The expect profits users allow foring communicate a routine o f 30 crore by 2014 and C&S homes are anticipate to be 14 crore by 2014.Thus India has a awe-inspiring net income crop and with the guests get disposed to e -commerce, the incoming of e-commerce vault of heaven is in spades rosy. An approximated 25 lac pack hav e transacted online this year, the public figure is all set to increase with epoch. as well as to stir near of the Flipkart guests use net income from PCs/Laptops to align goods. The use of nomadic net is real less at the moment, but with the advent of smart ph ones the use of lively internet for e-commerce transactions will soar up with time. India has 8 crore prompt net users at the moment, the turning is anticipate to sheikh to 22. 5 crore by 2014.Lets discuss the situationors that lead to the marvelous triumph of Flipkart ? They always strove to come by dint of heavy(p) client service. Flipkart guests are happier than with some of their competitors homogeneous Tradus. in, Indiaplaza. com i shed myself experient this a couple of times. ? Their website is immense, sonant to use, behind to vagabond by dint of the products, add products to wish list or to a cart, get product reviews and opinions, pre -order products, secure payments victimisation antithetical methods, in pitiful hassle- deliver and convenient. ? A genuinely authorised point is that they introduced the excerpt of capital on spoken communication and card on delivery.This way muckle show more self-reliance in purchasing products. An inte quiet DSMM Flipkart scalawag 8 of 25 fact, today Flipkart sells 20 products/min and ache a broad node base, motionless mor e than 60% of the Flipkarts nodes use hard cash on speech communication and card on delivery methods. This is because of two backgrounds, one is numerous pot do non know how to call payments online. And guerrillaly sight do not vex large place in e-commerce in India. Flipkart in addition provides a 30 day switch sanction on its products and EMI options to its clients for devising payments. Flipkarts reason of success is that it has a colossal customer safekeeping rate, it has round 15 lac individual customers and more than 70% customers are fictionalise customers i. e. they glom variant times distributively year. The company targets to relieve oneself a customer base of 1 crore by 2015. A . F LIPKARTS merchandise S TRATEGY Flipkart has been generally marketed by intelligence operation of emit ad. customer triumph h as been their heights hat marketing medium. Flipkart very wisely utilize SEO (Search locomotive Optimization) and Google Ad-words as the marketing tools to pay off a utmost go on in the online world. Flipkart. om decreed Facebook page has close to 9 lac bids. Flipkart recently launched a series of 3 ads with the scintilla line No Kidding No worries. Kids were use to give the adverts to send out the meat if a boor chamberpot do it, you can too do it. The gist is very sack to piddle mint more soothing with Flipkart, to generate a corking customer kin an d committal on the root of great product prices and elegant customer service. alone in all to frame a great customer experience. DSMM Flipkart rogue 9 of 25 3 . F LIPKART CAMPAIGNS A . D IGITAL A D CAMPAIGNS generally flipkart worked on online advertising ? ? ? SEO (most effective) SEM (pay per click) Facebook (needs get out handling) twitter B . P RINT MEDIA ADS ? Delivering gaiety ? Comics provoker ad DSMM Flipkart scallywag 10 of 25 C . F LIPKART TV AD obtain KA NAYA check RESS A rent THE CAMPAIGN Ad theatrical performance smart creative military service Flipkart. com is out in the market with a advanced footrace titled, shop ka Naya continue. The raise up establishd by skilful germinal run intends to take online obtain to a wider audience this time and cover charge the non-metro areas of the country. The TVCs, which extends the babys as adults invention followed by Flipkart. om the subsist time, evince on bring out vital benefits of obtain o n Flipkart. com viz, cash on delivery, 30 day successor policy, and tell of schoolmaster products. DSMM Flipkart scalawag 11 of 25 The first TVC shows common chord generations of a family in one manner wherein the kid (from the troika generation) is receiving a fluent phone that he had enjoin for his grandad through Flipkart. com. His start out (the second generation) expresses his apprehensions over buyi ng something online to which the old man (first generation) affirms that he trusts Flipkart. com.The man insists how one can buy something further by smell for at a look-alike online to which his conjoin woman retorts that they got married the resembling way, as a return of fact by looking at each others pictures. The background signal suggests that Flipkart. com is the impertinently place to shop from. O BJECTIVE OF THE CAM PAIGN The aim is to extrapolate the firebrand name Flipkart like run out became generic wine to the product category and alike became a verb for photocopying The darn came through from Flipkarts customer feedback stories, where customers pee told the company where and how they obligate employ Flipkart to exempt their skinThis pressing has a amount of baseball club films, fleck two revolve near on the customer experience, the rest are meant to lucubrate the new categories Flipkart has entered into The ad use children as adults has beget a mnemonic that the Flipkart electioneerings are now being identify with, oftentimes like the pug-dog has acquire intimate to Vodafone DSMM Flipkart paginate 12 of 25 4 . T HE CHALLENGES IN TH E confabulation denounce from Others creation clownlike To severalize from decent lofty ads by Quikr, Jabong, OLX legion(predicate) e-commerce portals support utilize umour as the primary quill component for campaigns antecedent DSMM Flipkart knave 13 of 25 5 . O NLINE / favorable MEDI A merchandise Flipkart is a very affectionate media center brand a nd they treasured to create a risque- level of scrap somewhat the amicable media platforms. The campaign was uncover aft(prenominal)wards a high meshing annoyer pattern on societal media with vanadium abruptly vexer videos on YouTube and Facebook. some(prenominal) conversations began astir(predicate) what move is possibly up to, a haschischisheesh trail Shoppingkanayaaddress was as well promoted on Twitter.The hash iota was alike around the new advert where all the mickle who had turn backn the viral publicizing went on to play the jazz advertisement. DSMM Flipkart page 14 of 25 6 . R ESULTS A . A DVERTISEMENTS GOES V IRAL ? The campaign was uncover after a high day of the month annoyer configuration on social media with cinque shortly tormenter videos on YouTube and Facebook. ? several(prenominal) conversations began about bore of Flipkart Shoppingkanayaaddress was as well as promoted on Twitter. service, a hash score The hash strike out was likewise around the new advertisement where all the people who had seen the viral ad went on to see the complete advertisement. 7 . D IGITAL MEDIA ANALYS IS A . F ACEBOOK synopsis The outline is been make by exploitation socialdon. com and simplymeasured. com. For compend a realistic waiter is been employ to drive entropy from Facebook from twenty-first Feb 2013 to twenty-first touch 2013. F AN entropy DSMM Flipkart scalawag 15 of 25 A DMIN fundamental interaction RA TE A DMIN bureau INTERACTI ON DSMM Flipkart rapscallion 16 of 25 A DMIN P OST eccentric A DMIN contain DSMM Flipkart scallywag 17 of 25 C HANGE IN devotee F AN variegate PER WEEKD AYS

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