Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Troubled History of the Airbus A380 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words - 2

The Troubled History of the Airbus A380 - Essay Example The results of the analysis show that the role of systems and operations management at Airbus is underestimated, and, as a result, not properly integrated into the business. This drawback, through the poor organizational structure, inefficient HR practices, and weak organizational culture and leadership, has lead to lower productivity of the employees, and, as a result, financial losses of the company. Six Sigma or business process re-engineering approaches to improving business processes have been identified as the most effective to be used by Airbus. At the same time, radical changes of BPR approach seem to be more appropriate - the faster Airbus introduces innovations, the faster organizational efficiency will improve. Communication channels and strategies, as well as leadership and organizational culture within the company, should be improved in order for the changes to be effective. Technological advancements in form of management information, transaction processing systems, dec ision support Systems and Executive support systems should be used by the company in order to make its business processes more effective and efficient. In this context of systems and operations management is one of the keys to helping a company in its attempts to improve and strengthen its positions in the market. Therefore, the given report is an attempt to determine and analyze how in particular systems and operations management, as well as its integration within the business, works for supporting and improving organization’s business efficiency. Furthermore, the role of Soft Systems Methodology will be determined in relation to analyzing and defining the business requirements. People, technology, and organizational issues will be analyzed in order to define how in particular they contribute to the improvement of company’s operations. All the above-presented purposes of the report will be drawn upon the example of an existing company with relatively long and comparat ively successful history of operations – Airbus. Airbus’ practical experience and operations outputs will be used for analyzing and making recommendations regarding the effectiveness of the company’s systems and operations management. Operations management itself, according to Slack, Chambers, and Johnston (2010), is a set of activities aimed at effective management of the resources needed for production and delivery of services and products. Information systems, in their turn, are aimed at gathering, processing, storing and distributing data required for making decisions and controlling an organization (Laudon and Laudon, 2007). As such, information systems are to optimize the working processes within the organization by means of structuring data and automating certain processes for them to become more effective.

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