Friday, August 23, 2019

2.1 External Environment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

2.1 External Environment - Research Paper Example Through environmental scanning, the organization will identify strategic factors that affect its operation. This enables the organization to adjust to the current trends in external environment factors, as it will influence its strategic decision-making process. The sociocultural factors consist of various dimensions that affect the health care organization. These include population growth rate, the population level of education, population employment pattern, the age pattern of the population, lifestyle choices and culture. All these factors interact together to affect the operation of the organization. Today, the number of educated individuals has continued to increase. Many people have access to education due to the various legislations that have subsidized education in different parts of the world. Armed with knowledge regarding their health due to increasing access to the internet, the educated population has demanded quality health care services from the health care organizations. This put pressure on the organization to purchase technologically sophisticated equipment for diagnosis and treatment so as to achieve the needs of the population (Zeshan, 2012). The age population pattern has been changing over time. The population increased over time due to the scientific advances that have led to the development of life-saving medications. These older populations have unique health care demands due to their diversity in terms of, age, life experience, aging process, health habits, attitude and response to illness. This put pressure on a health care organization to come up with services that specifically caters for this population. The world population is made of people with diverse culture in terms of value and beliefs. The values and beliefs affect their health seeking habits. Therefore devising health care services that caters for the unique cultural needs of these populations

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