Thursday, August 8, 2019

Customer Perception and Brand Loyalty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Customer Perception and Brand Loyalty - Essay Example Pomerantz, (2003) defined perception as a process of attaining awareness or understanding environments by interpreting information. This statement is based on normal human psychology that can be related to the customer perception. Customer perception is a process that is based on the information collected from wide arrays of sources and resources. It can be the case that customers using the existing product or service may create awareness along with changing the level of perception about that particular product or service. Organisations need to understand the perception of customers in order to market their products and services along with offering them something that will exceed the level of perceived perception. Customer perception decides their buying behavior to an extent. Considering the fact that good and valid perception about a product often creates a positive image that allures customers to get associated with that product or service in the short as well as in the long run. Customer perception can be considered as the first stage of buying behavior where there is a difference between the reality and perception. Until and unless, customers use the product; ascertaining the reality can be a cumbersome task offering irrelevant attention and importance to perception (Reichheld, 1993). Customers’ perceptions can be influenced through reference groups and opinion leaders but should offer desired and more than perceived results in order to create long term value and mutual benefits in the competitive business environment.... In short, brand loyalty is driven by effective customer relationship management programs and initiatives offering mutual benefits and advantages to organizations and customers. The research is based on identifying the Ducati customer perception and brand loyalty. It needs to be mentioned that in spite of a number of companies manufacturing high quality and attractive motorcycles, a certain group of customers prefer to buy Ducati motorcycles. The research aims at identifying their perception towards Ducati and its motorcycles along with assessing brand loyalty. However, in this particular discussion, only theoretical aspects of brand loyalty and customer perception has been presented and practical implication will be highlighted in the later part of the research in an illustrative and logical manner. A highly satisfied customer will tend to buy more product and services of the brand with whom he can relate to in the short as well as in the long run. It needs to be understood that bran d loyalty is often useful and economical for the buyer and seller. The buyer can stick to a particular brand without investing much in competitors brand along with availing great benefits of brand loyalty offered by organizations. Loyalty is awarded and rewarded in different ways depending on the structure and policies of organizations. When it comes to expensive products and services, customer perception and loyalty is driven by wide arrays of variables. Price can be considered as one of the most important variables deciding the perception and loyalty level of customers. Ducati Motorcycles come with a hefty price tag and with a positive perception of motorcycles; customers are willing to invest their money in it. If the actual and real performance and services of

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