Thursday, August 1, 2019

Data compression

Presentation or Weeping Presentation or Weeping (2) Describe the fields that â€Å"could be† or â€Å"are† merged Not Just name and address. More detail needed e. G. Firestone, surname. House name or number. Street, Village, Town, Postcode If none exists explain what the end user would like you to produce. If none exists analyses a similar web page if your local football team does not have one analyses another football teams website. Purpose + Audience + DATA Identify the special features, e. . Video, sound, animations included or could be included Automated Document (2) These could be actual automated documents or manual documents which have the potential to be an automated process If none exists explain what the end user would like you to produce For the automated process you must identify: Purpose of the letter *audience + DATA What is the purpose, audience and data of the website or presentation Identify and describe its purpose.This could be an actual automated doc ument or a one which includes a process which could be automated If you are looking at an actual set of web pages identify the feature on the page do not Just give a list. (Good practice is to use an arrow pointing to the feature and label it or try to write a short sentence about it. Specific detail needed on type of sound, video, animation, hotshot and hyperlink, etc.. In describing the potential features DO NOT generalist Be specific video of Links to what†¦.Sound files about † An email link to 2 Task 1 – DTV Mark Criteria Purpose of your document Analysis of house style Design Detailed design of documents Use of basic features Different font styles and sizes Purpose of document and audience House style / ethos of your document This may not always be the same as the ones you have looked at. NOT DESCRIPTIVE NOT it will have a blue background and use comic sans font. WHY? Designs – basic Bold, centre and underline Autographs Right or full Justification Bull et points Needs both parts What image are you trying to project How are you going to project it? . G. Friendly and fun, so I will use lots of picture of people smiling and enjoying themselves Outline layout with inherent page orientation and identifying which frames are text and which are for pictures. (If only 1 page no marks can be awarded) Details of Data – both text and graphics graphics. Fonts & Font Sizes 1 mark awarded for details of fonts and font sizes to be used – (80% coverage) 1 mark awarded for details of 8 different features to be used such as margins, tab settings, line spacing, paragraph styles, etc.Show the 8 different features that you are going to use Use of different font styles and sizes Use of bold, centre and underline (need all three) Autograph Need all three but not necessarily on the same words or page Any Autograph Justification Right or Full NOT left aligned and more than two lines Cannot be awarded if only 1 bullet not in a clear list use ( 3 in list) right or centre Justification skews the bullets 3 Must be clear Worrywart and not Just large fonts Could also be text from external text generators/ sources, e. G. Collect. Mom e. G. Clouded text boxes, shaded tables, Clouded borders in tables, Clouded text Worrywart Shading effects Shading Effects Headers and footers Two forms of electronic combination Use of at least two different types of graphical image, from different sources added to document Screenings evidence required Tables Must include grisliness unless evidence is clear 5 Each of the following may be awarded one mark – up too maximum of 5 marks for this section. Each of the following may be awarded one mark – up to a maximum of 5 marks for this section.Advanced Features Different Paragraph formats up to five of: Different paragraph formats, Different line spacing, Superscript and subscript, Customized tables, Page or frame borders, Set and use win tabs, Set and use own indents, Watermarks, Pagina tion, Use of layering (forward and behind), Own style sheets Different line spacing Super Script and Subscript Set and use own Tabs Set and use own indents Layering Water marks Both need to be present and appear on the same place on every page on the printed document An image from Clipper, Internet, Scanner, Digital Camera, etc. Mark for each form/source of image) e. G. Scanned images, graphics from web, clipper from disc, digital camera images, graphs from spreadsheets, graphics from cad packages or paint. Must have before and after screen shots as evidenceSensible use – not automatic – evidence of before and after or no marks can be awarded NOT use of default tab settings in body of text or bullets – evidence of before and after or no marks can be awarded In main body of text both left & right hand sides evidence of before and after or no marks can be awarded Use of layering forward and behind – not Just moving on top – evidence of before and aft er or no 4 Own Style Sheets construction evidence needed Page or Frame Borders Pagination Customized bullets Added to original list Photo – editing Must be Customized tables – cell merging / text direction not Just Clouded cells or bordersPage numbers – must appear on all pages in the same place (If this has been used in Header & Footer cannot be counted twice) A second set of bullet points needed External image from a file (Not internal fonts and characters) needed as the customization If complex not Just crop, rotate, etc, needs at least 3 layered effect and construction evidence required Task 2 Automated Document User Requirements Purpose of document Intended user House style Purpose of document + Professional ethos Basic layout and page orientation Automated features Font styles and Sizes used Data Basic Features Wordiness's template import data from external source 1 mark awarded for the basic layout and page orientation 1 mark awarded for design of automat ed features including mail merged fields (not just address block/greeting lines) and THREE macros 1 mark for font styles and sizes used Data and contact details Not Just ‘body of letter' 1 mark awarded for the wordiness's template document showing the fields incorporated into the document. (The letter must not be cropped and should clearly identify both the merged fields and their position on the document and the data in the letter) Suitable format and layout for data Database Evidence

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