Saturday, August 24, 2019

Documentary Film assignment (Roger and Me) Movie Review

Documentary Film assignment (Roger and Me) - Movie Review Example The film counteracts the modern management and moral pragmatism all in opposition to the mentality in the search for excellence. In the real sense, this movie comprises of corporate newspeak message. Analysis of the importance of profits in the large corporations at the peril of the workers life in provided. In this interesting documentary, there is a procedural indicator of daily flaws in the society. Moore deploys dialects in the film medium to label the face of true capitalism in real life. The most outstanding scene is where Smith gives a speech in Christmas television while, on the other hand; Moore demonstrates the eviction of GM worker. There is a direct correlation between the manipulative nature of corporates and Christmas ceremony hence justifying some heartless nature. Moore is more of a critic unto the stakeholders in the American corporate world. As per the film there is much negativity with some minimal truth hence Moore proves to be unfair. He is also an individual who portrays that corporate neglects and poverty counts as sins hence appeals to minimal

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