Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Everyday Poor Vs. Everyday Financially and Socially Stable Families Essay

Everyday Poor Vs. Everyday Financially and Socially Stable Families - Essay Example ic reasons behind their financial instability, if addressed appropriately by the ordinary poor, employers and the government will yield a good solution. They can make applicable solutions to the problems affecting the poor and bridging the gap between them and the financially and socially stable families, long-term solution. The rich families have been able to earn incomes that are sufficient to support their families’ basic needs with no financial constraints. The poor families’ breadwinners, have a hard time sustaining three meals a day for their families due to poor wages and salaries earned per month. With most rich people working on white collar jobs by either owning or working in big companies, the poor are employed and work in large and small companies on manual jobs that pay them poorly for work done in long working hours. Jamal and Latoya work very hard at the Burger Barn, but they are still unable to earn enough income to reach financial stability (Newman 3-38). Jamal even takes a 5:00 a.m. bus to work every day, and he does his work with much passion, but the returns in the form of wages cannot be reflected on his hourly wage that pays him less than $5 (Newman 5). The economy has been very unfair to women for a long time with women being paid less than 65 percent of what their male counterparts are paid on an hourly basis, inconsiderate of the fact that the women have more financial duties to their families as compared to men. There are higher chances of women being left alone with the task of bringing up the children if the marriage fails among the poor. The converse applies to the rich families who have a lesser chance to separate or divorce, but in case of that, the woman can sue the man for child support. Financially stable men value their families very much, and they work very hard to ensure that they provide for their families. This effort ensures their family remains intact, and they are able to fit in their social class. Family togetherness

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