Friday, August 2, 2019

Health and Social Unit Essay

The life expectancy throughout England is 78. 6 years for men and 82. 6 years for women, In Sunderland the life expectancy is lower, the male average life expectancy is 76. 3 years while the females is 80. 6. There are many things that can cause this. In Sunderland there are many different industrial jobs, These jobs can cause many different illnesses that can shorten people’s lives e. g. respiratory illnesses. The factories can cause pollution which can also cause many illnesses. Many of the older generation have worked in the mines and on the ship yards which again can cause various illnesses which can shorten lives. Sunbeds are a big problem, they can cause skin cancers and disorders which can affect the average length of someone’s life. Many girls between the ages of 16-40 use sunbeds on a weekly basis. Which will create more of a chance of cancers and skin disorders. Sunderland is a poorer part of the country, Which means that the majority of the houses tend to be old and outdated. Many houses in the poorer areas of Sunderland will be damp, which is bad for your chest. Other problems within Sunderland which can lower life expectancy, Such as healthy eating. Sunderland has very low rates for healthy eating, which means that many people with be obese, this will cause heart failure. Many people associate poor health with social class, Sunderland is a working class city which means Sunderland will have poorer health because of this, There will be less money for health care which means that many people will have to wait for the medical help they need. There will be poorer health care and less specialist within Sunderland because it is a poorer city, the lack of funds will mean that less people will be able to get the care they need which will result if poor health. The main reason Sunderland has poor health rates is because of the binge drinking and smoking. In Sunderland there is high rate for underage drinking and smoking, this will lower the average life expectancy within Sunderland. People of all ages binge drink within Sunderland, there are many alcohol related death within Sunderland, Whether it is because of organ failures or drunk driving. In conclusion I believe that the main reason for Sunderland having a poor life expectancy is because of the lack of money. If there was more money within Sunderland, they maybe able to fix the houses.

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