Friday, August 9, 2019

Impacts of Immigration on Origin and Host Countries Research Paper

Impacts of Immigration on Origin and Host Countries - Research Paper Example This is because they are likely to move out of their native homes at one point in search of employment or for other reasons thus it is important that they understand the consequences of immigration. Immigration refers to the movement of individuals from their country or region to other countries that they are not native. In most cases, people move to other areas for the purpose of settling permanently. It is usually a result of a number of factors some of which include economic and political reasons, natural disasters or one’s willingness to change the environment. Immigration is also associated with both negative and positive impacts. On one hand, they may fill the workforce gap in the country they might have moved into that may have been created as a result of the aging population especially in the western countries. This is usually the case where Africans move to the western countries. On the other hand, the immigrants may influence the natives negatively by introducing culture in the new environment that could be detrimental to the culture of the country that they will have moved to. Studies indicate that immigration has been found to have negative impacts on the native population. Data 1: Research has shown that the majority of the immigrants consist of the young population that possesses high degrees in different domains. They usually move from their native homes especially those in the developing nations in search of job opportunities in the developed nations. Backing: In the developing nations, there is a little industrialization and thus high unemployment cases due as there is competition for the few jobs available. Individuals then move out of their countries and in turn this causes brain drain. This is because as they move out, the number of elite individuals decreases.

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