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The Color Purple Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Color Purple - Essay Example The story revolves round the protagonist Celie, a fourteen years old black girl, who is victim of the sexual assaults of her stepfather. The stepfather, not only rapes her continuously, but also impregnates her twice illegitimately. Celie is also rebuked and tortured by the obnoxious Alphonso, who does never have mercy towards the innocent little girl. Since she is unable to resist to the cruel and atrocious behavior of her stepfather, she writes letters to God out of the feelings of sheer disappointment and despair. Hence, she maintains unabated belief in the existence of the Supreme Being, Who would remove all her miseries one day. Thus, the elements of Christian religious belief sway throughout the book that consists of letters to God carrying prayers for the protagonist’s safety from the cruelties society committed on the weak stratum. She also looks nagging in her letter on the sad demise of her mother, which has deprived her of the affection and protection of a shelterin g tree in the person of the mother. She also makes complains through her writing to the Lord regarding the loss of her daughter and then son, both of which are snatched away from her lap as soon as she gives birth to them. Since the children are the product of her illicit relationship or rape by her stepfather, who gets the infant children lost in order to conceal his heinous crime he has been committing against her innocent stepdaughter. The little girl’s mourning and cries fill the hearts of the readers with gloominess. The author, in a highly moving though morbid way narrates the torture and battering Alphonso inflicted upon Celie. However, Celie’s unabated belief in the Lord does not waver altogether. On the contrary, her faith observes tremendous boost while her addressing the Lord through her innocent writing. help. Her letters further make complains from the Lord on getting married to the immodest and dissipated Mr.___. Although Mr. ___ had asked for the hand of Celie’s younger sister Nettie, yet Alphonso preferred to hand over comparatively â€Å"the ugly† Celie to the sweet and charming Nettie. Since she is unable to get rescued from the cruelties of Alphonso and then Mr. ___, her belief about God as a white male strengthens. Consequently, she starts believing that the deity belonging to male stratum as well as white racial group would not protect an ordinary, poor and helpless black girl at any cost. Thus, sense of alienation appears in the mind of the black girl. The elements of racial discrimination are also evident in the letters Celie writes to God, which are actually the reflection of the sentiments of

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