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The impetus that has kept me on the art track Essay Example for Free

The impetus that has kept me on the art track Essay Some people think that art taught in schools (middle and high school) is sufficient to keep one in this creative world. While one cannot deny the overall importance of learning art in school, there is a bigger aspect to all this that can never be passed from the class teacher to the art student; this aspect comes from the artist himself/ herself. My impetus I have an artistic personality as art is my way of expressing myself; this is why I spent almost all my time drawing. When someone annoys me, then I will vent out this anger through art, when someone makes me happy, art is my only way of showing that feeling, when am sad, art is my only solace. The beauty about art is that it is platform for expressing myself. It allows me to be blatantly honest with myself as am not struggling with pretentiousness; this is who I truly am. Because my art work creates positive responses in others, then I have built a sense of confidence about my work. It makes me feel secure because I know that there is something I am good at. Given the above sentiments, then my definition of art would have to deviate from the norm. I do not consider art as just another major, neither do I think that art is something that was merely handed down to us from history; I believe that art is jut part of who I am. It took a long time for me to admit this; but I finally got the revelation while staying at my country. I realized that everything I did revolved around art and I learned to enjoy what I was good at. My passion for art began when I was fifteen. At that time, I attended an exhibition known as the 2003 Women’s International exhibit Jeddah. My role during that exhibition was not a passive one as I was part of the company’s marketing department. For a period of on month, I created the company’s website. I was also able to design commercials for them. This was the point in my life where I realized what I could become through art. I was lucky to work with a supportive team from the company; they encouraged me and taught me how to improve my work. Additionally, my mother and my cousins saw what I had done for the company and they were astounded by it. They couldn’t believe that I was responsible for what they saw. Nothing can compare to the look on their faces; they were so proud of me. Right there and then, I knew that this was what I was meant to do. Thereafter, I began exploring the wonderful world of art. To me, art is a universal language that can be understood by people all over the world. This is a concept that I understood in high school. At that time, I was part of a club that specialized in art forms from different cultures. Not only were we looking at the conventional aspects of art, but we also learnt about the Japanese language, their food and other cultural aspects. Through this club, I got an insight into the Japanese way of life consequently, learning their language. The epitome of this inter-cultural experience occurred during a school bazaar held at the end of the year. We were expected to inform the public about our club through a small stand. My task was to create flyers and commercials. I was also supposed to establish a mission for the team and the overall color theme for the event. These activities shaped my leadership skills and led to a self discovery on what I was truly capable of doing. The most touching and important thing about this particular occasion was that I learnt about other people’s cultures. The Japanese way of life was completely unfamiliar to me, but through art, I understood them. Art was my window into the life and times of the Japanese. From that moment on, I began appreciating other people’s uniqueness. Art is a unifying force; I can speak to others and they can speak to me even without saying a word. To me, no other forte can achieve such an effect. If the world would embrace art a little more, then we would all live together in harmony. My stay in the United States has been equally enriching. This year, I attended a training competition know as Boston Phoenix. The major theme of the event was Japanese animation. Through this event, I met art enthusiasts like myself. We were able to exchange ideas in at equal levels and I was amazed at their work. These young people used simple tools around them to create brilliant art pieces. I also began collecting and designing my own supplies. It was so fantastic to know that there are youth out there who are as inspired by art as I am. Conclusion  The latter experiences have helped to shape who I have become toady. Being artistic is just part of my personality. Through art, I can be a leader, I can be creative and I can express my innermost sentiments. Art has given me an insight into other cultures thus making me respect and comprehend other their way of life. I have therefore become a versatile and multi-cultured individual. Because of these reasons, I felt that I should make art part of my professional life. This was why I joined the university and I believe that through my college education, I can become a better artist than before.

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