Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Advertisement Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Advertisement Analysis - Essay Example This paper argues that the differences in ad composition and approach as discussed above reflects underlying fundamental differences in the corporate and design cultures at Motorola/Google and Apple (Apple; Motorola Mobility) There is a need for Apple and for Motorola to persuade consumers that they have a need for a smart watch. Therefore there is room for their persuasive pieces of advertising, basically introducing the idea of the smart watch and arguing for the need for modern time pieces that are in line with the advances in technology and in line with the evolved needs of modern men. The watches are groundbreaking, thus the need for proper Introductions. Apple focuses on design, the beauty of the pieces, and the premium materials in sapphire and stainless steel, and the references to premium construction reflected in the close-up view of the watch. For the Moto 360 the reference is the need to upgrade the consumer’s notion of what a timepiece is, by showing the Moto 360’s touch capabilities and voice search capabilities provided by Google. In the Moto 360 ad the speaker is a representative of presumably the design and engineering team at Motorola, or else is a representative of Google from either the marketing or the general business side, even as the emphasis of the ads is on the premium nature of the materials and the design. The intended audiences are arguably early adopters in the case of Google, because of the way the message is pitched to those who are to be persuaded that the time for a smart watch has come. On the other hand, the reference to excellent design and materials and the close-up views of the Apple Watch, as well as the way the ad itself seems crafted for a mass audience, hints at the final audience of the ad and the pitch to be the mainstream consumers, who are being sold to the overall aesthetics of the Apple Watch

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