Monday, September 9, 2019

Be Fit or Be Out of Favor at CFI Westgate Coursework

Be Fit or Be Out of Favor at CFI Westgate - Coursework Example ive power, he made his policies legal and further made clear that the organization had the power to fire employees who would not comply with the new policy. In fact, his tactic is not consistent and cannot meet role expectations as it does not influence followers’ attitude. 2. Siegel’s idea of weight loss contest seems to have better effects when compared with his no-smoking policy results. The main reason is that he himself lost more than 20 pounds in a few years and thereby aroused inspiration among others in this respect. However, Siegel’s coercive style and thoughtless comments have far reaching adverse effects on employees’ morale. Although his objective is genuine and it can bring forth tremendous positive changes throughout the organization, the way he approaches the matter flaws in several respects. Since obesity is often a medical condition that involves genetic factors other than life style problems, one cannot lose weight overnight complying with a new policy. Siegel should find out better options that can trigger enthusiasm among employees. He can be successful in achieving this goal only if his persuasion becomes rational enough with factual evidence and logical arguments. In other words, his idea regarding weight loss should have inspirational

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