Sunday, September 8, 2019

DQ1 pg 322 -323 Medical Center Case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

DQ1 pg 322 -323 Medical Center Case - Essay Example The employee appraisal sheet is first completed to check on self appraisal. The second step entails response of the questions raised by the employees by the supervisor based on observation and performance of the employee. The third step involves the employee and supervisor meeting to discuss the ratings through evolution and finally the evaluation results are used as a tool for appraisal determination for the employee (The National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2010) The value of documentation in performance evaluation entails streamlining the performance of the hospital standards. This is done through ensuring professionalism, respect, quality work, and efficiency. The other important value involves evaluating the competencies of individuals. This is relevant as it provides employees with an opportunity to improve the consistency of the appraisal processes (Stewart & Kenneth, 2012). Similarly the use of the appraisal system was aimed at ensuring consistency in the evaluation process. Healthcare organizations have developed guidelines to be followed when an employee scores a certain

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