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How is capability deprivation a more powerful approach for finding Essay

How is capability deprivation a more powerful approach for finding ways to fight poverty than a focus on raising the incomes of - Essay Example The realities faced by the poor people can be termed as dissimilar, multifaceted and dynamic; an aspect that leads to the analysts and researchers looking for explanations and solutions to the problem of unemployment. This paper shall address the issue of unemployment by arguing from the point that, poverty can be easily eliminated by applying the capability restitution mechanism as opposed to raising the income of the poor. The view of poverty in terms of capability perspective is one that is multi-dimensional as seen in the work of Sen (1). In the work, the author continues to argue that since poverty can be analyzed from the perspective of an individual’s lack of the basic items, income is one of the main items that would allow the same individual access their basic wants (2). This is to mean that, insufficient or lack of capital is a major determining factor of the ability of an individual to reassure their daily life. This interprets the reason why some families and perso ns are more economically able as contrasted to others. Therefore, in this case, the incapability of an individual to access the income that would be helpful in reducing poverty is useful in coming up with policies useful for dealing with poverty. It is at this juncture that Sen insists that; it would not be possible to give all these persons the necessary amount of money to maintain their livelihoods (2). Sen poses a question on whether it would be probable to fund a sick or a disabled person with sufficient funds to protract their livelihoods (2). In this case, it would be more sensible and practical to allow these individuals to obtain the skills of accessing income as opposed to giving them the funds. Though Sen is cautious of the fact that it would not be undemanding for persons with special needs and the sick to work equally the same as the ordinary persons, giving them an opportunity to acquire the right skills to work is the best solution in assuaging poverty (2). Capability restitution method is yet another more potent approach in alleviating poverty as the approach deals with issues of handling poverty. Poverty that is realistic, as indicated by Sen, does not revolve around the income liberty, but the main concern is a consideration of the mechanisms that bring out the poor persons from their misery (2). A cited example is that of the elderly members of the society, and other groups that are sinking in misery (1). In this case, apportioning a certain amount of money in an endeavor to fight poverty would result to the same persons being reliant on the fact that, with or with no jobs, they have an amount of money set aside for their use. It is warranted, from this argument, to argue that these persons have undeniably been reduced to slaves of their own desolation, as they have no capability to secure a job, and earn a considerable amount of money that would be helpful for their personal development. Sen gives a case in point whereby a family is allocate d funds as a means of alleviating poverty (2). In the event that the boy-child is given priority over the girl due to their gender difference, as seen in Asia and parts of North Africa, then a new division of poor persons will automatically emerge. In terms of capability deprivation, this means that girls are not given a chance to exercise their full potential as they are neglected in terms of access to healthcare, income amongst others (Sen 1). In the long run, the

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