Saturday, September 7, 2019

Politics versus need in politics of disaster payments Essay

Politics versus need in politics of disaster payments - Essay Example It also provides funding for rebuilding purposes to the States as well as to offer smaller relief loans at low interest rates to individuals in order to rehabilitate themselves. As a part of its preparedness effort, agency also provides training support to States and other territories in order to increase the overall responsiveness of the States to deal with such catastrophic events on their own. It also offers funds to impart training to the local State employees to better deal with the disasters. The arguments presented by Garrett & Sobel suggest that this funding to the States however have been political motivated. By questioning the public choice model, authors have actually attempted to outline the politics behind the public choices. The arguments indicate that the Congress and Presidential influences are key to the rate of declaration of disasters and subsequent provision of funding to the States. The arguments further suggest that States which are politically more important to the President tend to have higher disaster declaration. Further, the arguments also pointed out stronger correlation with election years and States having Congressional representation on FEMA committee. (Garrett & Sobel, 2003) The above arguments basically indicate the political motives of President and the States to get FEMA funding for the disasters. The overall distribution of FEMA funds therefore is not according to the way public choices should be made. The inability of the bureaus and departments to actually independently and submissiveness to the will of members of Congressional Committees therefore suggest that the overall distribution may not be just and equitable and that the political motives may be significant in making funding decisions. Over the period of time, various criticisms have been raised regarding how the grants and funds are distributed in US. During October 2004, grants were given to five of the most competitive States for

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