Thursday, September 12, 2019

Thomas Nat's Cartoon Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Thomas Nat's Cartoon - Essay Example He discovered the Uncle Sam character we now associate with the Federal government, and he even formulated what we know as the modern Santa Clause. Boss "Tweed" was a corrupt New York official on whom Tweed had set his sights. The results were most unflattering and might have been the draw that broke that eventually broke up the ring. Nast implemented certain advertising techniques use to discredit Boss Tweed. He represented him in dehumanizing icons along with poignant slogans. True, much of politics may be corrupt, but Nast publishing it in such stark manner is akin to "Reason Why" advertising. He created a need for people to act against political corruption in New York at the time. Nevertheless, some cartoons seem more effective than others. Some of the more effective are the one where everyone is pointing the finger, the one with the vulture caricatures, and the one with the city jail others are just hard to understand like the one money bag head and the one with the tiger. We have explored the role of advertising and the emergence of the political cartooning in America. Thomas Nast is the one credited with starting political satirist in the US. During the period immediately following the Civil War marked the beginning of a magazine boom, he unified these trends.

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