Sunday, October 6, 2019

Integrity In The U.S. Criminal Justice System Research Paper

Integrity In The U.S. Criminal Justice System - Research Paper Example A Criminal Justice System that has integrity attracts public confidence to its working. This is to the effect that the public can comfortably send take their matters to them without fear that the outcome will be tainted with injustices. This elevates the possibility of the public taking matters in their own hands so as to fight for their rights and criminal justice due to the fear that once the law enforcers come into play, the perpetrators of a particular crime would be let go either because of their influence, race, relationship to a particular public figure or whatever other reason. It has been argued it takes integrity to fight corruption, and that the public can only make reports of criminal activities if they believe that an action will be taken and that their lives will not be endangered for making such reports, neither will they face any threats from those they reported. Without integrity, the fight against corruption and injustices in the criminal Justice System is handicapp ed (Langseth).Integrity avoids tragedy. It is a tragedy to the victims of a crime and others affected when the police incarcerate the wrong individual for years when the real criminals walk scot free and continue to propagate their criminal acts. This tragedy is a reality in the United States Criminal Justice with an example of one Greg Taylor who was convicted in 1993 or crime of murder, which he did not commit. Twenty years later, Greg was exonerated on evidence gathered by the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission.

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