Friday, October 18, 2019

Short Answer Questions Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Short Answer Questions - Coursework Example An example of a landscape radically transformed for economic reasons is the Mississippi River – Gulf Outlet Canal. This canal was constructed on the river for the transportation of goods into the interior of the United States of America from the harbor. In the long run, humans do not benefit from such environmental changes since the construction of this canal has resulted in storm surge amplification and wetland erosion. Severe weather conditions such as those witnessed during Hurricane Katrina lead to massive loss of life and property (Jones, 2010). The social functions of kinship in traditional non-state societies may be considered unsociable and dangerously selfish because it involves dividing duties based on ones gender. This is unsociable because boys and girls will not socialize when performing their social functions and will not know how to act in each other’s company. For example in marriage the woman has the role of taking care of the children, while the father protects the family from physical harm. This is dangerous since it portrays the woman as a weaker sex. The man in society is also considered the head of the family; this means that the opinion of the woman shall not be taken into consideration. In certain religions, women are not allowed to perform certain rituals and this leaves them spiritually unfulfilled. An example of soft power is the several fast-food franchises exported to Asia and Europe such as McDonalds. This has changed the manner in which people eat whereby people prefer French fries and fried chicken. The social media in the internet has influenced the political world in the Middle East. This is evident through the â€Å"Arab Spring† that liberated several Middle Eastern countries from tyranny. Such influence turns into propaganda when these freedoms encouraged are meant to bring a nation to its knees through civil war (Jones,

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