Saturday, November 2, 2019

Agency Assessment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Agency Assessment - Research Paper Example The hospice key goals include providing satisfaction through its services not just to their clients, but also to their families and friends in general. Genuine respect, commitment to excellence, compassionate care, and delivery of innovative programs to the community are among its set goals since its inception. The hospice has also made it its goal to ensure that patients experience at the hospice is that of comfort and confidence. There is also a special service program for the families associated with the hospice. It is referred to as the Bereavement/Grief services. The program was put up so to enable the family members and friends of those patients under FBH care are heard and recognized for their contribution. The program entails services such as The agency’s priorities for this year are honoring and encouraging its volunteers for their services, which have played a big role in the agency’s service provision. The hospice is planning to do this by holding two volunteer luncheons one in May and another in November. The agency in its five year plan is focusing on establishing more volunteers at the hospital as there is a growing need for service because the increasing number of patients. The agency is also focusing on attaining more donor funding to enable it run smoothly its expanding service need by the community. Is the agency easy to locate? Describe the physical location. Is there adequate parking? Is the agency clearly marked? Does the site appear to be well-maintained? Is the location near public transportation? The hospice is located at a junction between Sigma Rd. and Neutron Rd. both these roads are well maintained and do not have traffic congestion. The hospice can easily be identified using a navigation system or Google maps. Being close to, the road makes it easier to spot. The Hospice itself is a large building white in color with multiple entrances and exits. It has a wide parking area that is located at the front

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