Friday, November 22, 2019

Between Class Madness

This year I was really looking forward to a great time, but some of that happiness was gone within the first couple of days. Like all of the eighth graders, I have noticed that it is a lot harder to get to class on time, unlike last year when I could get to class and have a minute to talk before the bell rang. This year it’s a different story. The fact that no teacher gives us our homework until the bell rings is a big reason, because, they are so hung up in what they’re teaching that when the bell rings they say, â€Å"Oh ya, and for homework you have this worksheet.† So now the teacher has to hurriedly hand out the worksheet, and we have to write it down in our agendas. When that is done, we ask the teachers for a late pass, but most of the time they don’t give one to us. With that in mind, we scurry out into the hallway, knowing we will get a tardy unless we run. It is difficult to gather our books for the class, because, everyone in the class is busy on a worksheet or writing down vocabulary when the bell rings. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is. After the bell, we have three minutes to get to our next class, but about one half of that time is taken up by a couple things: putting the worksheet we are working on into our binder, putting our pencil in our pencil case, then getting our book which is under our desks. When we finish that and get out of the classroom, there are only about two minutes left. In those next two minutes there is another problem, which brings me to my third point. The biggest reason that I have trouble getting to class is that there is a colossal mob of people in the hallway by the eighth grade lockers. Some of them are students trying to hurry to their next class on time, and some are teachers coming out of the teachers’ lounge. There are only about seven feet across the hallway to fit in sixty students. If you are in this mob, you know that it is like being stuck in traffic: you don’t move! It takes at least a minute to just get out of the huge jam. After that horrendous event, you look at the clock and notice that you have only five seconds to get to class, so you start to sprint down the hallway. You’re three feet from the door when Ms. Miller comes by and gives you a detention for running in the halls. After all that, you are late to class and you have a detention. I hope I am not the only person in the eighth grade that has noticed this ever growing, and wants to fix it. So the next time you are late to class becaus e of hallway jams, you can join me, and many others that think the same thing

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