Monday, November 25, 2019

Teacher Interview Essays - Rafe Esquith, Eleanor Duckworth

Teacher Interview Essays - Rafe Esquith, Eleanor Duckworth Kayla Cardwell Teacher Interview ECED 1310-W91 Karen Stooksbury 04-16-15 Teacher Interview The teacher I chose for this interview teaches second grade. She has been teaching for six years now and she loves it! You can tell she really enjoys her job. That is a quality you do not see in a lot of teachers anymore. I learned a lot from this interview. I learned what it really takes to be a great teacher. I learned different ways to teach. I learned different ways of communication with the parents. One thing that really surprised me was what this teacher found most challenging. She said that a lot of the parents do not interact in their childs education. She said you will have parents who really care and do as much as they can, and then you will have parents who do not care at all. Some parents do not work with discipline and homework at home with their children. This makes it very hard on their teacher. This really surprised me and upset me because you would think parents would want to help and do as much as they could to enhance their childs learning experience. It is very sa d to think that there are parents out there who simply do not care. The part of this job that would be most rewarding to me would be making a difference in the childs life. For some children, they look forward to going to school, and it is the only stable thing in their lives. Something I did not know about this job would be all of the training they have to complete. I knew training was required for the job, but I did not realize it was quite that much. This interview was very helpful to me as I think about myself as a future teacher. It helped me to understand that all the training I am receiving is very beneficial. I felt that it was something I am really going to enjoy doing. I look very much forward to not only building a career for myself in my own life, but doing as I observed from the teacher and making a difference in the kids that I will be teaching. I am excited to be a part of building a future for young children, and showing them, even if they arent being brought up in t he best household, that they can hold a future for themselves, and make it a great experience for them. 1.Why did he/she choose this career? I love to be with kids and watch them grow. 2.Ask him/her to describe a typical workday. You get there 30 minutes before the kids to get your day started. You greet the kids at the door. You get started with the curriculum. Then lunch comes. You come back and do more work. Then send kids to special area classes. Get ready to go home. Then sometimes car duty or bus duty. 3.What is his/her teaching philosophy? With the curriculum I try to teach to the ability of the children and focus on small groups rather than whole groups. 4.What curriculum approach or model does his/her program use? What can he/she tell about it? Common core standards. I implement ways to help the kids understand it better and use state standards. 5.What tools or methods does he/she use to assess the childrens learning and development? Start testing which is a benchmark test taken 3 times a year. RTI- daily. I use more hands on activities and use classwork to assess. 6.How does he/she communicate with and involve families/parents? What does he/she like best about her job? A weekly newsletter sent out on Monday. and app on phone. Emails I love being with my kids and watching them understand what you teach. 7.What does he/she find most challenging? What education or training is required for his/her position? Getting parents on board and reinforcement at home. Also parents not being interactive. Gen. Ed., bachelors in teaching, training all the time. 8.What attributes or qualities does he/she associate with a professional in early childhood? What suggestions does this person give regarding steps a beginner can take when starting the journey of professionalism? Loving, caring, knowledgeable of each student. Get into school, 1st hand learning is best, and just jump right in. Reflection Reflect on the

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