Tuesday, November 19, 2019

What are the boundaries of Christianity Assignment

What are the boundaries of Christianity - Assignment Example Likewise, Moses’ Ten commandment provisions required all the Jews prevent Christians from stealing. Another popular commandment is to respect and bring honor to one’s parents. A very clear law, taken from the Ten Commandments, is prohibiting the love relationship between a married person and a person who is not the spouse of the married person. This is classified in our society as adultery (Galambos, 2012). During the New Testament bible time period, the bible includes the religious statements or doctrines of the apostles. The Matthew 6: 19 verse requires all Christians to prioritizing store treasures in heaven over the cares or treasures of our earth. Matthew explained that saving treasures in heaven included doing good deeds. The Doing good Christian doctrine includes visiting the sick in the hospitals. Finally, the doing good Christian doctrine means helping people in their hour of need (Yancey, 1992). Further, another bible verse indicates the importance of religiously implementing the Christian doctrines. In terms of the same level of love, the bible’s Mark 12:13 verse requires all members of the Christian faith must love one another in the same manner as one requires to be loved (Galambos, 2012). Loving may include several plain acts. The acts may include giving alms to the street beggars. Another neighborly love act may include giving clothes to the naked street people. A third act may include helping the elderly cross the busy street. Furthermore, I had questioned long and hard why Kennedy had to go espouse the importance of Christian boundaries. I liked Kennedy’s espousing members of the Christian faith must put into practice the Christian doctrines. The bible’s 2 Timothy 4: 2 requires all Christians to be instant both within season as well as out of season. The verse affirms that all Christians must obey all Christian doctrines or norms at all times and in all places (St.

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