Sunday, February 16, 2020

Acquisition Strategy Paper Term Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Acquisition Strategy - Term Paper Example Each strategy forms a multidimensional construct, and any decision one dimension should account for decisions made in other dimensions. The implications of each dimension should be considered in other dimensions. The entry strategy should be considered a package of strategic decisions, and the design of entry strategy should consider location, timing, entry mode, human resources, marketing, logistics and other aspects of business. Acquisitions are large projects that serve to strengthen an investor’s market position. While implementing an acquisitions strategy the following steps are followed: market position to be attained is envisaged; one or more target firms are identified that could help attain the position; ways to acquire control over the sought resources at acceptable costs are determined; and a strategy is implemented over a period of several years to readjust to changes in the environment. The acquisitions strategy has been illustrated in the figure A-1. It includes decisions based on corporate strategy and the local environment. Specific areas of decisions include location; logistics; entry mode; HRM; timing; and marketing. Ingenico, a leading provider of POS terminals, acquired Easycash for a value of â‚ ¬290 million. Easycash (2010) offers customised card-based payment and loyalty solutions for customers, which include some of the leading German retailers. Easycash expanded its services with investment from Warbug Pincus with services to more than 82,000 merchant customers. The market position was strengthened through a combination of organic growth initiatives, and acquisitions including Experian Loyalty Solutions and Siemens card payment services. Easycash’s transaction volumes increased from 670 million to more than 1 billion in 2006, with values exceeding â‚ ¬55 billion. The number of employees increased from 190 to 350. The backing of Ingenico allowed the business to continue its expansion

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